While in his bachelor's program Zdravko focused his education in lighting and studied the influences of daylight on humans, the importance of the lighting design spectrum in different environments, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the psychology of vision, and our biological clock and how it relates to lighting and human disorders. All of this led him to continue his acute interest in lighting and a career in lighting design.

In his MBA masters program, during a year long project, Zdravko was supported by a team of seven top company executives who were all experts in their related fields as they assisted him in developing his futuristic approach to creating sustainable lighting concepts on an affordable budget. The theme was to create a new economical commodity lighting package strategy for affordable lighting design utilizing fully sustainable design solutions. His experience and knowledge in the use of recycled materials dramatically helped in creating added sustainable value for the products and the customers. Zdravko and his team succeeded in crating numerous standardized lighting design solutions for chain stores – shops, mobile providers, restaurants, hotels, etc. all employing Green Building and LEED standards.

Zdravko joined Lumenworks as a strategic partner for European operations in 2003 and has continually collaborated on both residential and commercial projects. Some of his projects have also included launching new light sources for lighting in protected natural environments, like ornithology preserves. He also founded OS-LIGHT DESIGN and has created many large lighting exhibitions in Slovenia, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, and the US.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Cybernetics in Medicine, University of Ljublijana, Slovenia
MBA, IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia


  • United States Green Building Council, Member


  • 2003, Intelligent solutions for Intelligent homes – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2003, "Office Of The Future", Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2005, "Faces", Light ME, Dubai
  • 2005, "Never Seen Before I", Month of Design, Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia
  • 2008, "Never seen before II", Light ME, Dubai


  • K - Apartment in Ljubljana
  • Vinanima Wine Shop, Zagreb – Finalist in GE Annual Awards for 2006, NYC
  • VIPNET, Executive Restaurant, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Chamber of Commerce, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Iskon, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Califit, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Optic Shop Mali, Izola, Slovenia
  • Penthouse, Lucija, Slovenia
  • Lovsin Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Villa Fiesa, Slovenia
  • OS office, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Villa V, Slovenia
  • UL, Publishing Co., Ljubljana, Slovenia